LedSonic+ All in 1 Beauty Device


Advanced Beauty System formulated by our leading dermatologists

Our PT3® technology, clinically proven in dermatology, restores radiance, reverses aging by improving the density of the skin and dramatically reduces wrinkles and fine lines.

Using Ultrasound frequencies of 1 & 5 Mhz allows deeper penetration of the users favourite serum into their skin.

Specific wavelengths of 660nm ( Red ) and 415 nm ( Blue ) used in LedSonic+ were clinically tested as “very effective” in reducing signs of aging and improving skin radiance.

Treatment Trips

Patch test (for first time user)
Fully charge (once device is fully charged, please disconnect, DO NOT overcharge)

Sonic brush head: Dampen face with water and apply cleansing lotion onto brush, switch on device. Use soap and water to clean brush head ( brush head is waterproof only, not the device itself )
Ultrasonic treatment: use with serum and in slow, circular and constant movement. 2-3 times a week.
Always keep upwards movement, treatment can be augmented by “lifting” movements.
Red light phototherapy: 3 mins for each area, 2-3 times a week.
After use: apply moisturizing mask