FREEQUENT RF and Cooling Device + Radiance Enhancing RF Gel 150ml

  • 24 Karat gold plated probes. This precious metal has been found to increase collagen production within the skin and help reduce inflammation. It helps bring brighter-looking skin and can reduce redness.
  • High technology home-use RF device. It uses four electrodes to deliver extremely effective RF energy, unlike the common Bi-polar RF devices.
  • Specially designed treatment tip for eyes.
  • Cooling treatment. A professionally designed 2 minute cold treatment to reduce swelling, pore size and give you a fresh feeling sensation.


Advanced Beauty System formulated by leading dermatologists

Radio frequency energy, uses the tissue’s resistance within the various layers of the skin to transform the RF energy given to the skin into thermal energy and allowing for ultimate collagen contraction and production of new collagen.

Heated fibroblasts are also implicated in new collagen formation and subsequent tissue remodeling.

Treatment Tips

Patch test (for first time user)
Fully charge (once device is fully charged, please disconnect, DO NOT overcharge)

Clean face
Keep slow, circular and constant movements around the treatment area. Your skin will feel warm internally.
Always keep upwards movement, treatment can be augmented by “lifting”
Divide the treatment area to Left, Right face, forehead, under and around eyes.
After use: apply moisturizing mask